Close Your Mind to Negativity – (Negativity is a Virus)

close negativityIn the average workplace today, you are hearing approximately 5 negative statements per hour.  That adds up to 800 negatives a month.  And some of us live with people that are less than positive. That ups the numbers.  It takes between 14 and 20 positive statements to overcome l negative.  So who do you have giving you your quota of positives every month?  Probably no one. (Close your mind to negativity)

Negativity is a virus and it’s catching.  Close your mind to other people’s negativity.  Don’t listen to it if you can avoid it at all. And don’t participate.  Make yourself immune to it by understanding that no one else can make you unhappy.  No one else can make you angry.  No one else can make you sad.  No one else can hurt your feelings.  Unless you allow them to!  You choose what you think about what others say and do and how you react or respond to situations.  Sure, others can trigger old feelings from our past, but they can’t determine how we feel or how we behave.  How you react or respond to what they do and say is up to you!  Learn what your hot buttons are, examine why they set you off, change your thinking about the situation, and determine not to take part in their gripe sessions.  Surround yourself with positive people.  Make every attempt to practice that old adage, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

After all, 70% of the negativity you hear every day probably comes out of your own mouth!

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