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Is Your Attitude Helping or Hindering You? by Judi Moreo

Why do some athletes become Olympic stars and others never quite use their own full potential or get out of their hometown?  Why do some people have their own successful companies, while others can just never get ahead?  Why are some people in great relationships while others can’t seem to get along with anyone? It’s

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Intention by Judi Moreo

If you’ve been listening to the news lately, you may have come to the conclusion that the outlook at the moment is bleak.  You may be caught up in the gloom and doom, hopeless mindset that is more contagious than a flu pandemic. There are some things you can do to keep yourself healthy when

The Image You Have of Yourself

What we put our attention to is what multiplies in our lives. Stop talking about your negative traits. The more you concentrate on them, the more they hang on.  Instead of criticizing, look for things you like about yourself. If you have actual limitations you can't do anything about, then you need to accept them. The

Which Do You Want To Be?

Successful people make themselves successful.  They have goals, dreams, desires, wants, and needs.  They develop an attitude that attracts success.  When people ask them how they are, they reply "Wonderful," "Marvelous," or "Terrific."  They show interest in other people by asking, "And, how are you?"  They show genuine interest in the other person by listening