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Make The Choice To Be Happy Every Day by Judi Moreo

How can we be happy and passionate every day when we are dealing with the stresses of life? Worrying doesn’t accomplish anything. Worrying simply strangles our creative abilities and keeps us from being able to look for solutions to our problems and challenges. But how do we turn off the worry channel and get back

The Connection Between Passion and Money

Passion comes when we believe in something, when our purpose is clear.  Passion is the fuel that drives us to accomplish our goals.  If your tank is full of passion, you are going to go a long way. What gets you excited?   What do you love?   What do you feel strongly about in

You Have A Right To Be Happy

You have a right and even a responsibility to be happy. Happiness is a state of mind. Many people let life pass them by because they choose to be unhappy. They sit around complaining, worrying, procrastinating, and gossiping about other people instead of making the most of every day. They talk about the past and

Are You Feeling Depressed?

Let's face it, life is not always easy, and for some people, depression very often takes over. We get depressed when we are discouraged or disappointed in ourselves or our lives. We start to feel as though we can't live up to the expectations of others . . . or even our own expectations. We


We live in a world of possibilities and possibilities give us choices. Lots of choices. But, many of us don’t see the possibilities and therefore, we don’t realize what choices are available to us. When things don’t go the way we thought they should or when something happens to us that is unfortunate, we still