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Mental Toughness and Your Habits by Judi Moreo

Do you know that the level of your mental toughness is directly related to your habits? Actually not many people are aware of this. Instead they think that being mentally tough is something you were born with. It is not, you can easily develop and improve your mental toughness. A habit is a routine that

Enthusiasm Makes The Difference

Passionate people are enthusiastic people. The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek words, en theos, which mean "the spirit within." We each need to unleash the spirit that is within us. You can't expect other people to get excited about your ideas or projects if you aren't excited. If you don't have a tone of

Set Goals That Inspire You

Do you have any childhood dreams that remain unfulfilled or any cities that you have always wanted to see, but never visited? Consider all the material things you want, the lifestyle you desire, the places you would like to go, or things you would like to do and incorporate them into your goals. What is