Communicate For Results

Your communication skills determine the quality of your life. All successful interactions and relationships depend on the flow of information. Whether the expression of that flow is non-verbal or oral, each message contains at least two elements, the surface element and the psychological element. In this high-powered program, Judi shows you how to control both.

In addition, she shows you how to adapt to the unique communication styles of others as well as how to get your message across effectively, powerfully, persuasively and memorably. You’ll be able to make a strong impression every time you speak. This program is filled with tips and techniques that will immediately make a difference in your communication effectiveness.


  • Keynote/General Session:  45 – 60 minutes
  • Workshop:  2 to 3 hours

What Judi’s Clients Say

“Judi Moreo is a fabulous speaker. She approached what we do every day from a wonderful perspective…one that we need to hear as a reminder…listening, confidence, individuality, and priorities. Her presentation was engaging entertaining, and motivating.”
Becky Nelson, Systems Director, Protection Technology, Allstate Insurance Company
“Please accept my most sincere gratitude and congratulations for the excellent presentation you gave to our Senior Manager’s group. It was potentially a great challenge for you to talk to a group of people who might, at the onset, have believed they “knew it all” and that you were certainly not going to be able to teach them anything new. Clearly this was not the case and from the feedback I have received, everyone found your program extremely motivational. May I commend you on your handling of what could have potentially been a very difficult group to deal with and for doing it in such a professional and entertaining manner.”
Chris Moerdyk, General Manager: Public Affairs, BMW (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd.
“Judi is one of those unique individuals we occasionally have the pleasure to meet in our lives. Her passion for her training and writing, and her compassion for the people she reaches out to help are palpable in all she does. I cannot imagine anyone spending time with Judi without the distinct feeling they had been positively changed for the better. On a scale of 1 to 10 Judi is easily a WOW!”
Henry Beeland, President, ETC Training