“Judi is a dynamic and creative speaker who spoke to a packed room of enthralled delegates. She is very thorough in her research and focused on the needs of her audience.”
Mary Gilliver, World Chambers Congress
“Judi is one of those unique individuals we occasionally have the pleasure to meet in our lives. Her passion for her training and writing, and her compassion for the people she reaches out to help are palpable in all she does. I cannot imagine anyone spending time with Judi without the distinct feeling that they had been positively changed for the better. On a scale of 1 to 10 Judi is easily a WOW!”
Henry Beeland, President, ETC Training
“The Customer Service workshop lead by Judi Moreo brought a new dimension to the 4th World Chambers Congress (Durban, South Africa). Our congress became more than just a forum for chamber leaders and senior executives to learn and share chamber best practice and new service developments. Judi’s workshop provided a new spark to our program, by taking us to the foundation of all our organizations, tackling an issue which can either make us or break us –customer service.

With sound advice to chamber leaders from a diverse background of 84 countries, Judi’s session was one of our most popular workshops – standing room only.”

Anthony Parkes, Director: World Chambers Federation
“Please accept my most sincere gratitude and congratulations for the excellent presentation you gave to our Senior Managers’ group. It was potentially a great challenge for you to talk to a group of people who might, at the onset, have believed that they “knew it all” and that you were certainly not going to be able to teach them anything new. Clearly, this was not the case and from the feedback I have received, everyone found your program extremely motivational.

May I commend you on your handling of what could have potentially been a very difficult group to deal with and for doing it in such a professional and entertaining manner.”

Chris Moerdyk, General Manager: Public Affairs - BMW (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd.
“Judi Moreo was a fabulous speaker. She approached what we do every day from a wonderful perspective — one that we need to hear as a reminder — listening, confidence, individuality and priorities. Her presentation was engaging, entertaining, and motivating.”
Becky Nelson, Systems Director, Protection Technology - Allstate Insurance Company
“The response to your talk superseded my wildest expectation. Without exception all delegates verbalized appreciation of your message, but more importantly we have been able to take tangible hints to help improve our overall effectiveness.”
Cliff Sclanders, Sales Manager - DHL Worldwide Express
“Judi Moreo has ensured the transference of knowledge from the classroom to the job. She has worked with our managers and supervisors to develop the essential techniques we require of our leaders in order for them to lead our employees to meet the needs and expectations of our valuable guests.”
Alain Uboldi, General Manager, Belterra Casino Resort
“Thank you for sharing your own personal experiences — I found your examples and stories so easy to imagine and identify with because of the colorful and true-to-life manner in which you shared them with us. I felt like you were a friend to us instead of a lecturer.”
Tavyn Chalmers, Investec Bank Limited
“Judging by the number of people who came up to talk to you after the General Session, your speech was not only well received, but also stimulated a lot of thinking by attendees prompting the questions. In addition there were many positive responses by attendees noting the very useful and positive comments relative to their own Retail Businesses.”
Ron Robertson, Executive Vice President - Western Decorating Products Association
“Thank you for the exciting presentation to our Nurse/Manager group. The group, as a whole, expressed what a terrific presenter you are, and about the enthusiasm and energy they felt at the end of the day.”
Faye Lindquist, R. N., Nurse Manager, Pediatrics - McKay-Dee Hospital Center
“Some of the changes that have occurred as a result of your course: Our standard of telephonic communication improved; we changed our attitude towards co-workers and work together as a team; we are courteous and friendly to our customers and give them immediate attention; and we take responsibility for our customer and keep our commitments. Thank you for an excellent course.”
Michelle Schlecter, Customer Service Officer - Eskom
“Your ability to communicate and motivate the group was very impressive. You shared a wealth of knowledge and helped them to relate key points to their jobs.”
Dana Holland, Marketing Trainer - Southwest Gas Corporation
“Judi is one of those extraordinary speakers who has the ability to transform information into inspiration. She is practical but cutting edge, has a gift for making you laugh and has a deep down belief that anything she can do you can do better with the proper commitment and training! I would hire Judi in a heartbeat to speak at a convention or conference or help your employees develop top-notch customer service and innovative thinking skills.”
Betty Mahalik, Owner, Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Dynamic Solutions Coaching & Training
“Rutbuster. That’s what Judi Moreo is. I have seen her deliver many different programs and the results are always the same, the audience is given many tools to bust out of their ruts and move up the ladder of success. Judi’s style is very smooth and real. She tells you such great stories, because she has been down in the trenches. She has survived about 3 lifetimes worth of events so far in hers. Great stories, great energy. Judi has helped change my life and I have seen her change many others.”
Frank Keck, CSP, Owner, Embrace Your Freakness
“To listen to Judi’s motivational speech is to be transformed within! Treat yourself. Hire Judi to speak to your group. What an intelligent, entertaining and beautiful speaker!”
Dr. Nili Sachs, Relationships Expert
“I first met Judi several years back while part of a turnaround team at an under performing business. Her knowledge, enthusiasm, presentation, and concern proved to be an integral and important part of the eventual success of the business. Needless to say, Judi had a profound effect on both the professional and personal lives of those she came in contact with (myself obviously included). Since that encounter, I have continued to be connected to Judi as she is one of those few special people in this world that can truly motivate and inspire others. Judi is both well spoken and well written with her work showing her knowledge and interest in everything she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a difference, not only in their own life but in the lives of those who work with them.”
Henri Jenkins, Belterra Casino Resort
“Judi Moreo has a vast experience in professional speaking and has written a number of good books relating to the self help industry. She has also traveled extensively and brings all of her experiences to her work. Judi will be around a long time spreading her talents across the range of self help outlets. Do yourself a favor and either hire her as a speaker or take the time to come to one of her seminars and hear her speak!”
Jesse Ferrell, International Speaker, Life & Corporate Coach, JessTalk Speaking & Coaching Firm
“Judi is a dependable and extremely knowledgeable person. I have worked with Judi since 1992. She is a motivator and a “risk taker” which enabled us to build a highly successful company. Her client base bears testimony to the quality of her work. When there is ongoing repeat business you know she’s doing something right. I would recommend Judi’s services in a heartbeat!”
Fiona Carmichael, Entrepreneur
“Judi is a true professional. When I hire her to speak for my clients, I never have to worry about a thing. She delivers in all areas – great content, presentation skills and my clients love her.”
Robin Jay, President, Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau
“I’ve known Judi Moreo for decades and have seen her on stage, in committees, in social settings and even in my audience. Every time I see her I’m impressed with her business savvy, eagerness to learn and broad experience in the fields of meetings and entertainment. She’s a true professional.”
Jim Cathcart, President & Founder, Cathcart Institute, Inc.
“Judi Moreo changed my life for the better. Thanks to having Judi as a speaker mentor I now have great confidence on the platform and that confidence translates into great success.”
Gregory Kompes, The Writerpreneur
“I had the pleasure of working with Judi this year on her application to receive the highly sought after Certified Speaking Professional designation with the National Speakers Association. The process brought me in contact with many of Judi’s clients and I was moved, not just by their positive comments about her speaking ability, but by how much they genuinely cared about her as a person. And after working with her on this project, I see why so many people think so much of Judi.”
Kate Holgate, Speaker Management, Director in Charge of Making Things Happen, Alliance for Success, LLC - Speaker & Author Support Services
“Have you ever noticed that some people only have to walk into a room to light it up? Judi Moreo is one of those people.

I hired Judi so speak at a national convention and also to do some speaking locally here in Las Vegas. In every instance, her stage presence was electric, her charm was engaging and her expertise on her subject matter (customer service) was top-tier. I consider her among my best friends for many reasons. She is as genuine as they come and a real pleasure to know and do business with.

Judi’s positive attitude, bright smile and intellect are a powerful combination. Put them to work for your company soon!”

Mike Varney
“Judi is EXTRAORDINARY in every way. Judi started to work with me in South Africa as a guest speaker over 15 years ago. The message that she delivers is always sincere, relevant and ignites her audience. On a personal note, Judi has been an inspiration as a mentor and mentor with great ideas and the tools to make things happen. Judi is an asset to everyone out there!”
Merle Whale
“Judi has the ability to enable you to do things that you would never consider doing. She helps you to open your eyes, and live your passion. Judi is extremely approachable, and always available.”
Deborah Clark

“Judi really pumped up the audience, and everyone left with new ideas of how to recreate and/or renew their spark. She’s funny, smart, beautiful, and great at what she does. I, among many, look forward to the next time I get to see Judi work her magic on a crowd.”

Donna DeMarco, Vice President, Mutual of Omaha Bank

“The training programs conducted by Judi Moreo are highly motivational and have built the necessary skills to improve profitability in keeping with our overall strategy and shareholder expectations. In addition, she has worked with our managers and supervisors to develop the essential techniques we require of our leaders in order for them to lead our employees to meet the needs and expectations of our valuable guests. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wishes to improve productivity, morale, guest services, and profitability.”

Alain Uboldi, General Manager, Belterra Casino Resort

“Wow! Our 450 School Supervisors, Managers, and Senior Food Service Workers were completely blown away with your energetic and thought provoking presentation. Throughout the rest of the week, I was constantly and consistently thanked for inviting you to speak. Our folks were mesmerized by your delivery and content for further thinking, and more importantly, their actions.”

Charles E. Anderson, Director, Clark County School District Food Services

“Judi has been conducting in-service workshops for our Education faculty here at Everest College for the past two years. She has proven to attain extensive professional working experience with varied diverse groups. She is open to share and learn ideas and practices from others. She carries such dedication and enthusiasm in her presentations and is able to enable an immediate response and effect while presenting. She meets rigorous performance standards, which is why we continue to invite her back to present.”

Nancy Escobedo, General Education Department Chair, Everest College

“Judi Moreo is simply indescribable in mere words. We all had a rare opportunity indeed to witness, hear and especially learn a few life’s lessons not only through what this truly remarkable woman had to say but how she delivered those lessons. First of all, she’s terribly funny. She delivers very important and meaningful messages through true life experiences. And she does it with grace and a style of her own. She’s warm and welcoming and she connects so well with her audience, we all felt as if we had known her for years.

If you’re planning an event and want an inspiring, adventurous, poignant, and witty speaker, you certainly couldn’t possibly find anyone who would please you more.”
Judy Lawton, Founder and CEO, The Lawton Group

“It is difficult to find a presenter as inspiring, thought provoking, and entertaining as Judi Moreo. I give her programs my highest recommendation! We have enjoyed Judi’s insight and humor in every program she has presented to our staff over the last two years and hopeful she will be able to return again next year. Not only is Judi a true professional, she is a delight to work with. I highly recommend Judi Moreo in any speaking or training venture you may have before you. She will leave a lasting impression with your audience, no matter who they are or what background they have.”

Kathy Bailey, Human Resources Manager, Swinomish Northern Lights Casino

“Your presentation was exactly what we were looking for. Our employees thoroughly enjoyed your energizing presentation. The exercises you included were relevant to the topic and to the everyday challenges our employees face. They provided the employees the opportunity to put the knowledge you gave them to use in real life examples.

Since returning to our daily jobs, I have seen a transformation as a result of your presentation. You are truly a gifted speaker and we look forward to your return in the future.”
Lisa A. Harlow, Vice President, Human Resources/Administration, Alta One Federal Credit Union

“Judi’s presentation was engaging, entertaining, and motivating. The following feedback from a participant is representative of the group’s reaction to Judi.

‘Judi Moreo was a fabulous speaker. She approached what we do every day from a wonderful perspective – one that we need to hear as a reminder – listening, confidence, individuality, and priorities.’

We look forward to having Judi back at some point in the future and would recommend her to other leaders.”
Becky Nelson, Systems Director, Allstate Insurance Company

“Thank you so much for your presentation at our Nursing Management Institute. I really appreciated your down-to-earth and upbeat presentation. We received comments such as “delightful and most enjoyable,” “like a breath of fresh air,” and “good pointers for success and survival in the executive jungle” in reference to your presentation.

Thank you again for making our program a very positive experience.”
Sallie Palmer, Education Consultant, Alberta Hospital Association

“Sensational! If the people of the business environment could listen to your wonderful presentation…stress and time management would never again be problems.

The MPI annual conference picked a winner in you!”
Nancy C. Kuca, Sales Manager, The American Club

“It was an absolute pleasure to have attended your session at the MPI conference. You gave me some really super ideas that I have already begun to implement. Thanks for imparting your creativity and savvy. Yours was easily the most talked about and praised session of the entire conference.”

Celia Cook, Sales Administration Manager, American Hospital Company

“During September, Judi Moreo once again conducted training sessions for all personnel of Arrow Africa. The general feedback was “professional, informative, outstanding, thought-provoking.” Arrow Africa confidently recommends Judi Moreo. Her courses are conducted professionally, the material is extremely well researched, and she is able to interact with people at all levels.”

Noelene Lee, Managing Director, Arrow Africa (PTY) LTD.

“We, at Audio Word, just want to let you know how well received your message and training has been here in South Africa. We continue to receive compliments from the delegates who have attended your presentations, together with requests for further information about upcoming programmes you will be conducting in this country. You conducted all your programmes in an extremely professional manner. We look forward to working with you in the future on another successful tour.”

Robert R. Forsyth, Managing Director, Audio Word

“I am writing to say that Judi Moreo’s course is the most worthwhile I have attended. I am pleased to say that even now that the novelty has worn off, I am still putting her principles into action and as a result am enjoying my working days more than before – due to the fact that I am more efficient than before.

It is very difficult to explain, but the effect Judi had on me has really changed my outlook on life as a whole – not just my business life.”
Mrs. L. S. Lines, Barlow's Shipping Services (PTY) LTD.

“Thank you very much for your enlightening presentation on “Why the Customer Is Always Right. I believe you spelt it out, loud and clear. It was indeed a great pleasure to have you as a speaker at our Entrepreneurial Training Convention. I look forward to the next crossing of our paths, which I hope will be fairly soon.”

Eddie Mangope, Senior General Manager: Small Business Development, Bophuthatswanta National Development Corp.

“Thank you for your recent programme. Judi, I really admire your style of presentation, it is great! Your coming to Botswana often will benefit our people a lot. We are looking forward to working with you.”

Mrs. O. C. Masire, Training Manager, Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower

“What an engaging personality! What a delightful offering of useful information! What a woman!!!

Judi Moreo’s presentation was a wonderful mixture of facts and information, success tips and strategies, humor and personal anecdotes. She displayed a lot of common sense and much wisdom…but isn’t that what you would expect from a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur of Judi’s stature? We expected professionalism and we got it. But we received a bonus, too: a warm, caring human being who proved to be not only accessible but eager to share her knowledge and experiences with each and every one of us personally.”
Jack Forton, Editor, Buffalo Voices, Buffalo Area Speakers Association

“Thank you very much for making today’s WIC Founder’s Day Brunch such a raving success. It is a thrill to work with someone as dedicated to excellence as you. It is an honor to have worked with you, and I acknowledge your spirit, inspiration, and hard work.”

Irene E. Jacobsohn, Vice President, Women in Communication

“We have just finished what was without a doubt, the largest and most successful CES ever! I must congratulate you and your entire staff for playing such a vital role in our success. Your attention to organization and detail is surpassed by none. As always, we have enjoyed working with you, and appreciate your participation in CES.”

William T. Glasgow, Vice President, Consumer Electronics Show

“We were very privileged once again to have Ms. Judi Moreo speak to our student body. She is indeed a remarkable woman in that she is able to combine many qualities that are so essential in the Convention Services Industry. I’ve been amazed at the faculty she has for tailoring her lectures to the market place.

I always ask my students to give me a critique the next day after a lecture and in every case, Ms. Moreo has proven to be one of the strongest of my guest speakers. It is a true talent to be able to be at once tough, comfortable, relaxed, humorous, and yet always making the point to the listener.”
Claude M. Rand, Professor, UNLV College of Hotel Administration

“On behalf of Radio 702, Southern Life, and The Star newspaper, we would like to thank you for being the Master of Ceremonies at the Women’s Forum held at the Sandton Sun.

We are most appreciative of the obvious care and thought which went into the high standard of presentation you delivered.”
Ann Heystek, Director, Cordev Corporate Development and Marketing (PTY) LTD.

“Thank you for the great seminar, “Leadership Skills for the 21st Century” which you designed specifically for our needs. It has now been six months since the training and we have seen improved communication skills between our managers and departments. This has resulted in more efficiency and better relationships. Everyone made goals at the workshop and already these goals have been accomplished. The training has made us a stronger team and we are looking forward to our next “Turning Point” program with positive anticipation.”

Charli Carter, Vice President, Marketing, Desert Motor Sports

“The response to your talk superseded my wildest expectation. Without exception all delegates verbalized appreciation of your message, but more importantly we have been able to take tangible hints to help improve our overall effectiveness.

We at DHL wish you all the best in your upcoming competition. Your professionalism and warmth combined with your natural energy is bound to ensure a win for you.”
Sliff Sclanders, Sales Manager, DHL Worldwide Express

“This is to certify that Judi Moreo, Turning Point International has presented Advanced Customer Interface training programs at ESkom PTA.

We, at Eskom believe that the standard of the course presented was of such a high quality that our staff benefited immensely. We have no qualms in recommending said presenter to any other organization that requires their customer interface to be improved.

The quality of the course and the caliber and integrity of the presenter cannot be surpassed in this country. In addition to improving the customer interface aspect, the course also broadened the minds of the delegates that attended.”
Paul Mare, Support Services Manager, Eskom PTA

“I found you amazing. You made me realize how other people racially discriminate other people. You made me realize the reality of life living with a different culture, in a different country. On behalf of the Future Business Leaders of America, thank you once again.”

Lorenzo Guillen, State Vice President, Area II FBLA

“I am writing to tell you how delighted and thrilled we were to have you here in Cape Town and how much we enjoyed your talk. On behalf of myself, the executive committee, and the club members, I would like to thank you for your incredible program. We would love to have you back and will also arrange an informal networking meeting with our members.”

Maureen Hargraves, Chairman, Executive Women's Club of South Africa

“We felt that the entire educational offering was outstanding and in particular, your participation at the Las Vegas Conference was a major factor in the positive attendee feedback. It is because of dedicated professionals such as yourself that associations such as FWGDA are able to be of continuing assistance to their members.”

Lloyd E. Messersmith, Executive Director, Far Western Garage Door Association

“We were privileged to retain Judi Moreo for this year’s Leadership Seminar for state and national officers of the National Association for Family & Community Education. Since we first attended one of her sessions several years ago, National FCE had essentially been on a waiting list for her presentation and training. This year we finally hit the jackpot when we fit into a corner of Judi’s busy schedule.

Judi combines down-to-earth training and her personable, warm demeanor to make the seminar fun for attendees while they learn the tough skills of keeping an organization running. National FCE leaders were inspired by her challenge to take this seminar and put it to work. In fact, we’ve had requests for her next level of training.”

Harriet Steenson, President, National Association for Family & Community Education

“I sincerely appreciate your addressing our SME-Greensboro meeting on May 7th. Your speech was both delightfully entertaining and informative. The implementation of your 5 + 5+ 5 plan has proven challenging and I look forward to very positive results.”

Deborah B. Wilkins, President, Fun Functions, Inc.

“I especially enjoyed the workshop that you presented on “Pushing Your Potential.” You gave us an opportunity to get to know each other, and you taught us a great deal about being the best we can be. Your activities were original and I enjoyed doing our cheers. Thank you for taking the time to prepare and deliver that wonderful workshop.”

Lonnie Young, State Vice President of Programs, Future Homemakers of America

“When we asked you to be the “Eye Opener” for our two day Agents and Staff School in Las Vegas – you more than lived up to our request. The eyes were certainly opened – opened to new opportunities, new ideas. It was encouraging to us all because though we all felt we had practiced parts of the various ideas and plans you suggested, now we could add to them for even more success.”

Barbara L. Kincaide, President, International Group of Agents and Bureaus
“I want to express our sincere appreciation for your presentation at Bingo World in Las Vegas. The event was very successful and we have only received very positive feedback. You were exceptional! Thank you very much for your talent, time and commitment to make this session informative and useful to the attendees. The energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge you project to the audience leaves them very satisfied. It is always a pleasure to work with you.”
Ellen B. Ackerman, Conference Director, GEM Communications, LLC.
“The conferences were a great success and the feedback from the delegates was extremely positive. You obviously put a tremendous amount of effort into your presentation and combined with your personality, that just makes magic. It is a real pleasure to work with you.”
Juliana Canham, Conference Organizer, Global Conferences

“Thank you for your excellent presentation. The staff enjoyed participating in the discussions and exercises and are now applying what they learnt!

Your participation in the Potjiekos competitions and tasting was also truly appreciated by all. We hope that we will once again be able to make use of your services for our Customer Financial Services Conference (scheduled to take place soon).”
Mary Monaghan, Gilbeys Distillers & Vintners (PTY) LTD.