Working With Judi

Judi Moreo’s 36 years of experience have established her at the top of her profession.  Her programs are simple, practical, easy to remember, and can be put to use immediately. Through her highly entertaining presentations, audience members not only have a great time, they gain new information and skills…which is, after all, the point.  Audience members are constantly writing Judi, even a year or two after the program, telling her how they successfully used one or more of her ideas earning them a promotion or improving their lives.

Judi makes herself available when you need to give or get information. Gracious, friendly, and down to earth, you won’t find a more professional or cooperative speaker. She researches your organization and your industry, custom tailors the presentation and adapts the program materials to suit your audience.

On arrival at the speech location, she promptly advises you of her arrival and inspects the venue and meeting room in advance. She is very time conscious and sticks to the time schedule. She shows respect to all those with whom she works including the audience.  Judi makes herself available for logistics, observation, and meeting members of your organization. She doesn’t sell product from the platform without your permission and even then it is a soft sell. Judi’s professionalism creates long term relationships and her repeat client list reflects this.

What You Can Expect From Judi Moreo’s Presentations

Whether you need a keynote speech to start your meeting, a motivational talk to inspire your team or a full day training seminar, you can expect the audience to be totally involved in Judi’s presentation.

What Judi Expects From Her Presentations

Because of her commitment to preparation and her understanding of business in today’s markets, Judi expects the needs of her clients to be fulfilled.  She expects to find and deliver the key that will unlock your organization’s potential for greater productivity and success.

Judi expects to grab her audiences’ full attention in the first few minutes and hold it throughout with interesting stories, humor and state of the art presentations that support and reinforce the message being delivered.

Judi knows that her audience will leave with at least one piece of information they can and will apply in some aspect of their lives.

Having received some of the highest evaluations ever seen by her clients, Judi expects the best from herself in every presentation.

Seven Reasons Judi Moreo is the Best Speaker for Your Event

  • PREPARATION: Judi researches your company and your industry. She looks at your local market and how your business performs on the world stage. Knowing that every industry has it’s own language. Judi endeavors to learn that language so she can deliver her presentations in the language that participants are accustomed to hearing.
  • ENTHUSIASM: Judi genuinely enjoys her work. Changing the world one person, one company at a time is an exciting prospect.
  • EXPERIENCE: Judi speaks before a wide variety of audiences. She has spent the last 36 years traveling and speaking around the world. From entry level, front line employees to corporate executives and leaders of countries, she mentors, trains and motivates in twenty-six countries on four continents.
  • ATTITUDE: Judi is positive, charming, and a pleasure with whom to work. She shares her exceptional attitude in every presentation. Attitude is not a program topic to Judi. It’s a way of life!
  • HUMOR: Judi’s willingness to laugh at herself and her ability to enjoy life on its own terms, give her a unique uplifting style that combines humor with compassion. Laughter creates a relaxed learning atmosphere.
  • STYLE: Judi’s presentations are not lectures or speeches. They are talks with respected colleagues. She speaks with her audience members, not at them.
  • KNOWLEDGE: Judi reads and studies current publications, historical material and consults with acknowledged experts to gain as much information as possible pertaining to her field of expertise. She has a wealth of knowledge which she liberally applies to each of her presentations.

Resources Judi Can Provide

  • Easy telephone access to Judi prior to the program
  • Articles to publish in your in-house newsletter or magazine (by request)
  • Free e-zine for each audience member to reinforce the learning from the program
  • Free handouts from her power point slides or a workbook (extra charge)
  • Books, cassette programs, CD’s, videos, training programs, mentoring sessions (extra charge)

Judi’s Partnership With You

Judi wants you to be a success. She knows that her performance reflects on you and on your choice of a speaker for your event. She will do everything in her power to give you the best program you have ever had. In addition, she is easy to work with.

Judi is highly professional and very reliable. She has NEVER missed a program and has delivered over 2500 speeches internationally. You can be assured she will be there and she’ll do a great job.  Your participants will love her!