Room and A/V Requirements: How to Get the Most from Judi’s Program

As Judi Moreo presents keynotes, seminars, and workshops, the room set up and logistics will vary depending on the program.  We will forward those to you at the time of the booking.  Judi is a professional and she wants to give your attendees the very best program possible.  In order to insure that your participants get maximum benefit from her program, there are some things you can help us with:

  1. Judi prefers to have a cordless lavaliere microphone so that she can move around when she speaks.  If there is a head table or a lectern in the area where Judi is expected to speak, please set it back a few feet from the front of the stage, if possible, so Judi can walk in front of it.
  2. Judi needs to see the faces of the members of the audience and they need to see her facial expressions, so please leave full house lights on during the program.  On the programs where she uses a power point, please unscrew ceiling bulbs above the screen, if possible.
  3. We will furnish you with an introduction. The introduction is written specifically for each program to let the audience know why this speaker is qualified to speak on this subject.  Therefore, PLEASE read the introduction the way it is written or something relatively close.  Please don’t tell the audience that the introduction says to read it the way it is written.
  4. Please don’t have moments of silence or sad announcements before Judi speaks.  While it is appropriate to do this, we ask you not to do it right before her program as it brings the audiences’ energy level down and the program will not be as successful.
  5. Please don’t schedule Judi to speak after an extended cocktail party.  After cocktails, most attendees don’t want to hear any speaker, no matter how good they are.
  6. If you are presenting awards or have extended announcements, please either schedule Judi before the awards or give the audience a quick break before introducing her.
  7. If you are interested in taping Judi’s program, please contact us in advance to make arrangements at (702) 283-4567.  If photos are to be taken, please be sure it is after the first 15 minutes of the program as the photographer and the flash are distractions for the audience.
  8. Judi will be available to you to meet members of your organization and attend your social events, if requested.  Please don’t keep her out late the night before her presentation.  It is imperative that she get her beauty sleep if she is to be at her best for your audience.
  9. If Judi is speaking at a meal function, please order her meal to include protein and green vegetables.  Judi is hypoglycemic and doesn’t eat starchy foods, yellow vegetables, fruits, or desserts.  If your meal function is a buffet, she can make her own selections so no special order will be required.
  10. If any of the doors to the room make a loud noise when they close, please have a monitor so the door doesn’t slam and make a distraction.

Thank you very much for helping us with these items.  If any of these things cause you extra work, we can be flexible.  Our concern is the benefit to and the enjoyment of the audience members.  Ineffective room set up, lighting, and distractions can sabotage the best of programs!