Coaching With Judi

Well, it’s a new year and time for us to do things in a new and different way and make our hopes, dreams, and desires come true. I am doing something radically different this year and I am super excited to be doing it. I am looking for 10 individuals who will join

  • Doing something big

Doing Something Big! Stop Playing Small

It’s your choice! You can go through life getting by or you can do something that really matters. It could be something you do for someone else or something you do for yourself. It could even be something you do for the world, but do something big. One thing I’ve learned over the years is,

Have You Written Your New Year’s Resolutions?

It's that time!  Time to write out your goals for the coming year! Do you have any childhood dreams that remain unfulfilled or any cities that you have always wanted to see, but never visited? Consider all the material things you want, the lifestyle you desire, the places you would like to go, or things

Choose Your Future

If you had all the money you would need, all the time it would take, and you knew you absolutely couldn't fail, what would you do?  Who would you do it with?  Where would you go?  What would you have?  What would you want to be?  In other words, what goals would you set for