• being focused

Being Focused in Today’s World is Very Important.

Why is being focused so important in today’s world? What results happen when you are focused? Does being focused make you less stressed? Happier? If it’s so important, why don’t people focus more? Being focused on one thing for a certain period of time allows you to do a better quality of work, more work

  • mindfulness

The Top 10 Benefits of Mindfulness by Judi Moreo

Mindfulness is a powerful tool that is the perfect tonic to modern day stress and anxiety. But, it goes far beyond that and can be instrumental in helping you improve in a vast range of different ways. Read on for 10 of these many benefits to demonstrate just how transformative mindfulness really is… It helps

  • Journaling

Are You Journaling: Achievement Journal by Judi Moreo

The year is almost half over.  Are you using your Goal Achievement Journal.  If not, why not?  Don’t you want to achieve your goals this year. Many of you know how long it took me to design and redesign this journal to make sure it would assist you in achieving your goals.  It started out