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Intention by Judi Moreo

If you’ve been listening to the news lately, you may have come to the conclusion that the outlook at the moment is bleak.  You may be caught up in the gloom and doom, hopeless mindset that is more contagious than a flu pandemic. There are some things you can do to keep yourself healthy when

On Your Own Terms

Difficult people turn up in everyone’s life from time to time. They show up as co-workers, bosses, friends and relatives. We all know when difficult situations are left unaddressed, it won’t get better. In fact, it usually gets worse. You simmer and stew until the situation erupts into counterproductive conflict, which could lead to others

Negativity Is A Virus

We are all susceptible to the negative influences of others and we must protect ourselfs.  Negativity strikes in many forms.  You can catch it.  If someone around you is negative and complains a lot, you may soon find yourself griping and complaining as well.  Or you may find yourself feeling disappointed about life.  It's possible

Do You Have a Fear of Failure?

When we have a fear of failure, we are putting our energy into failing.  We become what we think about...so if fear of failure is always on our minds, what are we most likely to attract into our lives?  You guessed it --- failure!  We are concentrating on failure and therefore, directing our subconscious mind