• Doing something big

Doing Something Big! Stop Playing Small

It’s your choice! You can go through life getting by or you can do something that really matters. It could be something you do for someone else or something you do for yourself. It could even be something you do for the world, but do something big. One thing I’ve learned over the years is,

Set Goals That Inspire You

Do you have any childhood dreams that remain unfulfilled or any cities that you have always wanted to see, but never visited? Consider all the material things you want, the lifestyle you desire, the places you would like to go, or things you would like to do and incorporate them into your goals. What is

What Are Your Goals For Today?

When I was working in South Africa, I was asked to come to the Hospice in the West and present a program on “Goal Setting.”  At first I thought, “What?  Goal setting for people who are dying?”  So I prayed about it and the answer came. “Entitle the program, ‘Goals for Today.’ Everyone needs goals.