• Plan and Launch Your Book in 4 Weeks

Learn How to Plan and Launch Your Book in Just 4 Weeks

Want to write a book, but not sure where to start? Learn How to Plan and Launch Your Book in Just 4 Weeks Download Your Ecourse Now: Your Fast Track Guide to Writing and Launching Your Best Selling Book Writing and publishing a book can give you huge exposure and help you establish expertise and authority

  • tapping into creativity

Tapping Into Your Creativity by Judi Moreo 

Fundamentally, we are all creative. The question is, “How do we use our creative abilities to our best advantage?” The best way to tap into our creativity is through flexibility of thinking and practice, practice, practice. Tapping into creativity means letting go of any preconceived ideas and developing ways to unleash our thinking. The following

Mind Workout: Creativity Killers

Being creative and innovative means eliminating creativity killers which can become rampant and have an adverse effect. Routines, habits, ruts!  They are all brain deadening.   Fear can strip you of your creativity mental dexterity and your ability to make decisions.  Fear of being humiliated can discourage you from expressing who you are and giving your

Challenge Yourself

Activities that encourage personal growth are especially good for helping self esteem. Pick something that you really want to learn how to do and join a club or a class and devote the time to learning what you have always wanted to learn. It does not matter what it is, as you challenge yourself and