• what is your dream

What is Your Dream? Is There Something You Want? by Judi Moreo

What is your dream? What do you want? Perhaps a new car? Imagine every detail of that car. Will it be a family car or a sports car? Four doors or two? What color would you like? How much horsepower will it have? What will the interior be like? Will the seats be leather or

  • We bring about what we think about

We Bring About What We Think About

We Bring About What We Think About Have you been asking yourself questions such as, “Why is it taking me so long to achieve success? To find the right relationship? To get what I want out of life?” If you have, perhaps it’s because you haven’t aligned your thinking to your wants, needs, and desires.

  • Negativity Not Allowed - Determined Optimism

Negativity Not Allowed

It seems like every conversation I have had with someone lately, they have brought up the terrible state of the economy.  I’ve started off many conversations with my friends this week with the sentence, “No negativity allowed.”  I refuse to accept the “ain’t it awful mentality” of the masses.  I know that I make my own