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Mentoring Relationships by Judi Moreo

Mentors are people who have more experience than we have and are willing to help and guide us in our development. In many cases, mentors can open doors and introduce us to people we may want or need to know. They usually have nothing to gain by helping us other than their own personal satisfaction.

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Negativity Not Allowed

It seems like every conversation I have had with someone lately, they have brought up the terrible state of the economy.  I’ve started off many conversations with my friends this week with the sentence, “No negativity allowed.”  I refuse to accept the “ain’t it awful mentality” of the masses.  I know that I make my own

You Have A Right To Be Happy

You have a right and even a responsibility to be happy. Happiness is a state of mind. Many people let life pass them by because they choose to be unhappy. They sit around complaining, worrying, procrastinating, and gossiping about other people instead of making the most of every day. They talk about the past and

Which Do You Want To Be?

Successful people make themselves successful.  They have goals, dreams, desires, wants, and needs.  They develop an attitude that attracts success.  When people ask them how they are, they reply "Wonderful," "Marvelous," or "Terrific."  They show interest in other people by asking, "And, how are you?"  They show genuine interest in the other person by listening