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Whose life are you living? by Judi Moreo

Today’s society places us in many different rolls.  We are the friend, the spouse, the parent or child, the employer or team member.  We change our behaviors and personas to fit our different and evolving rolls and responsibilities.  Like changing our clothes to fit the weather or activity, we lock our true selves into patterns

Would you like to be Powerful, Respected, and Impressive?

If you would like to become powerful, strong, respected, impressive and successful, there are two ways you can make it happen. First, position your information.  Communication is most effective when it is purposefully positioned.  When you say the right thing at the right time using the right tone of voice, the right facial expressions, and

What Does Your Body Posture Say About You?

Powerful people don’t slump. They stand up straight. Good body posture makes you look confident, successful and energetic. There are many benefits to good body posture, including increased energy, improved health by aligning internal organs, and enhanced voice quality. In addition, you will look and feel more fit and self-assured. Ask someone to look at