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  • be happy

Make The Choice To Be Happy Every Day by Judi Moreo

How can we be happy and passionate every day when we are dealing with the stresses of life? Worrying doesn’t accomplish anything. Worrying simply strangles our creative abilities and keeps us from being able to look for solutions to our problems and challenges. But how do we turn off the worry channel and get back

  • just one thing

Do Just One Thing by Judi Moreo

Have you ever felt like everything in your life was out of control and dealing with it all was completely overwhelming? Most of us have. For many of us, it is because somewhere along the line, for reasons of which we may or may not be aware, clutter has crept into our lives. It has

  • attitude-helping-hindering

Is Your Attitude Helping or Hindering You? by Judi Moreo

Why do some athletes become Olympic stars and others never quite use their own full potential or get out of their hometown?  Why do some people have their own successful companies, while others can just never get ahead?  Why are some people in great relationships while others can’t seem to get along with anyone? It’s

  • tapping into creativity

Tapping Into Your Creativity by Judi Moreo 

Fundamentally, we are all creative. The question is, “How do we use our creative abilities to our best advantage?” The best way to tap into our creativity is through flexibility of thinking and practice, practice, practice. Tapping into creativity means letting go of any preconceived ideas and developing ways to unleash our thinking. The following

  • blame game

Do you play the “Blame Game?” with Yourself? By Judi Moreo

Have you ever blamed someone for something they didn’t even know they had been a part of?  For example, this morning, I dropped a huge bottle of windshield de-icer on my toe.  It hurt like the devil.  And, just who would be doing anything with windshield de-icer in 119 degree weather anyway? Well, it’s a

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  • mentoring

Mentoring Relationships by Judi Moreo

Mentors are people who have more experience than we have and are willing to help and guide us in our development. In many cases, mentors can open doors and introduce us to people we may want or need to know. They usually have nothing to gain by helping us other than their own personal satisfaction.